Similar Tags with introtext and images module displays on a Joomla 3.* powered site the title, introtext and introtext image (if exist) of other content elements with similar tags.

tags modulesSettings:

Match type

  • Any
  • All
  • Half

How closely an item's tags need to match. All - requires that all tags in the displayed item be matched. Any - requires that at least one tag match. Half - requires that at least half of the tags match (rounded up in the case of decimals).

Images to be used for display

  • Article intro image
  • Article Fulltext image
  • First image found in the body of article"
  • First from all images, in sequence, intro image, fulltext image or image found in article body


  • Articles nevest to oldest
  • Articles oldest to newest
  • Random
  • Unsorted

Unsorted orders the articles in the way Joomlaás core Similar Tags module does - by the popularity of tags used.

Autohide if empty

  • Yes
  • No

Autohide the module if there is nothing to show.


Image width


  • left
  • right

Image Alignment

Maximum items

Maximum number of items to display